What is the Federalist Outpost?

Created by Andrew Zachary, the Federalist Outpost is a history, politics and current events media organization. Andrew’s approach to current events and politics, viewed through the lens of history, helps to shed light on the boiling topics of debate nationally and internationally. Written and conducted from a moderate-conservative view point, The Federalist Outpost is geared to cut the rhetoric and focus on the important parts of the story or debate.

Unheralded Stories at the Center of Current Events

Weekly podcasts and articles are produced on current topics which are at the front of the American debate, though often not a focal point. These important but unheralded stories will shape the events to come, and can be interpreted and predicted based up the events of history.

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A constitution and federal litigation attorney, Andrew Zachary focuses on modern political current events through the lens of historic precedent.